[Game]Celeste classic



Celeste runs very fine on HW, but graphics are so tiny. Is it possible to use 110x88 mode and have a scrolling 128x128 playfield?


Nice I will try it out


I am wondering, if we can’t have it taking all the screen, we probably could add a nice custom border I guess, super gameboy style.


i have remake it for screen mode 2 (110x88)
can any one try it on the hardware?

Celeste.bin (73.6 KB)


Fast and enjoyable!

edit: it deserve a small video.


Fantastic :slight_smile:


We could add there the sound effects and the soundtrack (in SD card) using the same system as in the L’Abbaye Des Morts game.


I am stuck on 500 m :grin:


i will add sound effects when i have time and i figured out how
here is the source code if any one would help.

Source Code
Celeste.rar (30.5 KB)


This version is amazing. It’s crazy to think someone ported it over. It plays great. The farthest I got was 1800m


I remember when this was released on pico 8 on pocket chip and one of the “features” was using pico 8 to edit the game to make it easier.


New release sound effects added, i hope you enjoy it.


Nice! This is so great. Only issue I can find is that this seems to run a little too fast, which makes it kinda hard to play.


Finally got to play this today. I am blown away!! After playing the original Pico-8 version I must admit this port feels incredibly right.
I don’t quite remember the speed of the pico-8 version but I felt this port had the same feel.

The sound makes all the difference too. Absolutely love that.

Save states as mentioned would be nice. Simply because I suck at the game and that means I only get to really play the first 5 or so levels over and over again because when I restart that’s the only further I get :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a reality on Pokitto!


New release
what’s new

  • you can save your progress
  • background music streaming from SD card
  • hair color change when dashing
  • new title screen
  • Fixes: drawing some text off screen

Special thanks to @Fmanga, @Vampirics


This a nice little game. I just tried it for the first time, very difficult :slight_smile:


Wow - have to try later


So, found some time - the save featur works great - thanks a lot. I don’t hear any music though, only sound effects (which btw are very good). Am i missing something?


Make sure to have the Celeste folder on the root of your SD card as well.


I fell for this too :joy: