[Game]Celeste classic




This is a port of Celeste Classic a hardcore platformer by Matt Thorson and Noel Berry from PICO-8.
original work of minirop

A to jump, B to dash and C button to save or restart the level.

The latest release:
Celeste.zip (1.7 MB)

Extract to your sd card.

Source code:


Well, it isn’t really playable. But I am pretty excited about it!


can you give more detail please?


The artwork is too grainy to visually see what is going on. I see movement and such but it looks all ripped up and broken.



Looks like the graphics aren’t in the right format, so they get a bit jumbled up. Also, the only button that seams to do anything is C, which resets.

Since you don’t have the hardware, you can get a better idea of how it’s going to behave in the emulator:


I second this conclusion.

Every other line appears to be missing, so I’m assuming the graphics are intended for a 2bit/4bit mode and the screen is being drawn in a 4bit/2bit mode.


Hey and welcome to the forums!

Could we help you debug the code? We have good experiences of working as a group. The combined firepower of the community usually solves problems pretty fast.


i think i was using the wrong screen mode i changed it to screen mode 15
but now i can’t compile it on mbed online compiler
any one can help with this problem

Error: Identifier “lcdRefreshMixMode” is undefined in “PokittoLib/POKITTO_CORE/PokittoDisplay.cpp”, Line: 300, Col: 4

Code Source
Celeste.zip (34.3 KB)


I’ll take a look


Wow, original Celeste :slight_smile: That is awesome!


@bl_ackrain , Mode15 support added to mbed online compiler

Please right click on “pokittolib” folder in the project tree viewer and choose ‘update’


Yes, i tried also



thank you for your quick response
now it compile fine
did you try it on the Pokitto hardware?

Celeste.bin (61.8 KB)


@bl_ackrain , going to check first that the mode15 example works in the mbed online compiler


I tried in the emulator… i will try it on the HW also


On the hardware it runs but the display is a mess.

I need to add something to the online compiler, I’ll be back in a few


it run perfect on the simulator



Yes, there is something silly missing. I am working on it. Shouldn’t take long


@bl_ackrain , mode15 test picture did not work, so its a library issue. I will get back to you in a moment


@bl_ackrain , UPDATE pokittolib again, works fully now!!


EDIT… controls do not seem to work?