Sure is, was making people play the game at home tonight and someone here bested my score so I had to fight for it. I am now at 3684m

Sorry guys, I just.made it harder for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


oh this is such a great addition to the pokitto library!
Fun fact, this was one the games that really started the indie revolution, with Adam “Atomic” being the indie dev darling of this whole movement.
The iOs sdk was relatively a new thing and when this game got ported over as a payed app, it made a splash of money at just 0.99c, and the rush for gold began : )

Fast forward 10 years and you can see how the new game from the same dev, Overland, is a work of beauty but also having a very hard time in the current market, ouch.
Speaking of which, it’d be awesome to have something like the first prototype of overland on pokitto, just saying :joy:

Can’t wait to play it! thank you @HomineLudens and @Vampirics!!


wow, thanks for the information


New Highscore! 8790m


I didn’t have the slightest idea what I was doing at first, but it’s beautiful, and actually fun I never thought I’d like a runner game.

Also overland up above looks great.