[Game]Brew of the Undead



Took me a few tries to beat day 1 (after the tutorial). The meteor crystal got me a few times :smiley: definitely felt the urgency!! My score is thus 10 :joy:.

I’ll see if I can improve that. I was playing in the emulator. (Pokitto needs to be charged still)


Ok, I have to look at it.

Yes, I have noticed that too. Weird.

Thanks for testing :slight_smile:


So the night level is the harder one?

If so I probably need to tune down the difficulty level a bit in the night level.

Thanks for testing :slight_smile:


Definitely harder, but I don’t think that is a bad thing in any way. I still need to develop some strategy :wink:


But you cannot see as well at night,


I managed to complete 3 levels with 50 points.

A few ideas if you want to make the night level easier:

  • What if the crystal would just slow down the energy bars instead of stopping them completely? Or crystals could cut/block the energy bar when they overlap.
  • Have you tried implementing the warp holes? They could be fun and balance the difficulty level.
  • Sometimes a tightly packed group of zombies gets to the castle and I lose all coffee in an instant. Would it be a good idea to have N second timeout before another zombie can enter the castle?


These are very good points!

Yes, maybe slow down.

I actually tried them at some point but they did not feel like a good idea. Maybe I have to revisit them after the compo.

Yes, that have to be fixed. It is very annoying.


Release, v0.7.

  • The crystal do not block the power shields any more. Because crystals are made of zombie magic, they slow down the power shield when touched, leaving the zombies more time to reach the tower.
  • Now only one zombie at a time can climb up to the tower (you can see them climbing!)
  • Tuned down the difficulty level a bit
  • Bug fixes
    ZombieFlock.bin (218.7 KB)


A release candidate :-), v1.0

  • The game ending screen is there! Who is the first one to see that? :slight_smile:
  • Pressing “C” during the game opens a menu with the items: “Continue”, “Restart day”, “Main menu”
  • bug fixes

Botu.bin (209.8 KB)
Botu.pop (486.4 KB)


RC, v1.1

  • A critical fix

Botu.bin (210.0 KB)
Botu.pop (486.6 KB)

Edit: This is now the final release! Updated also Itch.