[Game]Brew of the Undead



The level selection screen:


This game is more and more AWESOME!
Throw in a title screen and some kind of scoring and voila! :smiley:


Thanks :slight_smile:

I was thinking that you get the total points according the coffee cups left after day-night cycle (0-5) for each day. You can re-live any day and try to improve your total score.


Not much progress (too little time!), but something.
To save precious rom memory I did not create a separate “button down” image, but used an orange color for the cursor instead. I just draw an orange or blue rectangle behind. The image has a transparent area around the green button so the background color is showing through.

Next I will test saving the level information to EEPROM.


A new release!

  • The level selection screen :slight_smile:
  • Total point are visible in the level selection screen
  • The points and level completion state is saved to EEPROM
  • Improved layouts of the dialogs

ZombieFlock.bin (200.1 KB)


I just realised the binary is over 200 kb. What is the hard limit (because of the loader) again?
Soon, I need to visit the map file to see how I could reduce the ROM footprint.


Two suggestions for the new name of the game:

  • “Brew of the Death”
  • “Zombies Stole My Coffee!”


Bugger, this has been used already: https://culturalcapitol.com/2011/11/04/6536/

How about “Brew of the Undead”?


An amazing title screen by @Vampirics !


I also write down here the ideas that @carbonacat and I were chatting in Discord:

  • Compress the title image by dividing it in 4 parts: only the cup is 4 bpp, the other parts are 1 bpp. Then it should fit in about 6 kb instead of 20 kb of the full 4 bpp image. I should make a custom blitter for the 1 bpp image (imported to Femto as a “data file”).
  • The parts could be animated:
    • Texts and the cup are sliding in from the screen edges
    • Hands are rising and shaking
    • When all the texts are in the correct position the whole screen could shake, maybe with a sound effect


The title screen animation:


A new version.

  • The fabulous animated title screen (with zombie howling:-) ). Thanks @vampirics for the graphics!
  • Made skeletons fatter too.
  • Slightly improved graphics.

ZombieFlock.bin (171.4 KB)


Reminds me of a book I once owned called “Aliens Ate My Homework”.

(I never actually read it so I don’t know what the plot was.)


If you are interested in the source codes, I am, time-to-time, updating them here: https://github.com/haviital/ZombieFlock


A tiny update: The dust trails


ZombieFlock.bin (173.7 KB)


Got chills from that intro moan! Holy buckets that scared me :laughing:


I am wondering if there is still a way to add some sound FX when getting the coffee beans… And maybe a running sound? A light saber sound when moving the laser barriers? :laughing:


I was thinking the same! More sound!

A very small aditional remark: I kinda was missing the pokitto splash screen… :slight_smile:


It’s because it’s a Java game, the pokitto splash screen isn’t included. But that does bring me to something else… Why can’t we have a Java splash screen when it’s a Java game and a Micro Python splash for Micro Python? @FManga


I know but I would suggest to keep the startup screen (only really the first screen not the press c for loarder/volume setting screens). A bit like on the gameboy.