[GAME] Breakout+

breakout+ has been released to Pokitto!!!




breakout+.zip (404.9 KB)


Nice! Need to try it :grin:

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This is probably the first new game in 2023!


I played your game. It felt very solid and nice. The bonuses were good. I also liked the sine scroll and copper bars in intro :slight_smile:
Here are some comments:

  • The ball moves a bit too slowly. The ball could accelerate after a while.
  • There could a “kids mode” with slower speed and larger bat.
  • The position where the ball hits to the bat could affect to the ball bouncing direction
  • When the ball goes on the top of the tiles it could accelerate a lot because there are a lot of short collisions.
  • It feels like even if the ball touches the tip of the bat, still it fails. That might be a bit annoying to the user :wink:
  • The rounded shape of the tiles look nice but it also means that near the ends, the ball does not bounce as the player might expect.
  • The visual timer with the bonuses is nice.
  • A pause mode would be nice.
  • More levels would be good too.

It is interesting that you have made Breakout+ also for LILYGO TTGO T-Wristband :slight_smile: That is an amazingly cheap programmable wristband. Is it easy to program for? Are there a lot of games made for it?


Just wanted to say that I also played and enjoyed it! The visuals are very clean.

If you are planning to do any updates, I really only have two suggestions:

  • Randomize the ball direction on game start
  • Find a way to add more paddle control. E.g., when the paddle hits the ball while moving, add more to the horizontal velocity. Or consider bouncing the ball away from the center of the paddle, stronger for farther away - I know it doesn’t make physical sense, but it’s a reasonably common convention for breakout games.

The issue was that those two things together made the beginning of the game feel the same every time. You kind of have to wait for some variation to occur either from the powerups, or intentionally hitting the ball while moving.


Thank you very much for the detailed review!!!

I plan to release some fixes as soon as I can find some time for it.

I will post some pictures later

The official c++ SDK (ESP-IDF) is pretty polished. Definitely worth to get familiar with it.

Thank you very much for the review!!!

I’m glad that you like this game


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I actually have the T-Wristband. It is a bit annoying that you have to disassemble it to program it, and the battery life is really short so I don’t actually use it much as a wristband.
Where did you find wristband version of the game? And how do you play breakout with only one button?

Originally I have designed and developed the breakout+ game for the T-wristband with easy portability in mind. The magic is that you control the paddle by tilting the watch left or right, since it has accelerometer integrated. You are right, it’s really annoying that you should disassembly it to connect the downloader board. However ESPIDF has OTA. This is the function I’m going to integrate soon in my application.
I attach a image about the game running on the watch.


I completely forgot the wristband had a tilt sensor. :sweat_smile:

here is a short video about the gameplay breakout on Lilygo TTGO T-wristband #esp32 #indiegame #gamedev #retrogames #smartwatch #diy - YouTube


That looks really cool :sunglasses:
Thought, it might need a lot of practice to control it if the device is on your wrist :wink: