Boblo is a strange creature, it’s made of air and water but it’s not affected by gravity.
It bubbles trough the space and can’t stop until it crash against a wall.

Help Boblo to collect as much coins as you can in this little puzzle game .
It’s a dangerous world filled with secret passages and switches.
There’s always more then a way to reach the exit.


boblo.bin (174.3 KB)

boblo.zip (84.4 KB)

The code is under the MIT licence, the graphics are CC-BY.

More Boblo levels can easily added in “levelData.py”:
Here an example and syntax for each tile. I’d like to add more level in future.

lvl00 = (\

Here a list of possibles tiles:

x = blue box
w = wall, state ON (solid)
W = wall, state OFF (invisible, not solid)
+ = blades state ON (they hurts!)
= = blades state OFF (not solid)
! = vertical moving blades
B = toogle button, state ON (activate/deactivate tiles)
b = toogle button, state OFF
K = Key, open final locked gate 
o = coin
| = red box, vertical moving
- = red box, horizontal moving
< = left pushing tile
> = right pushing tile
^ = up pushing tile
v = down pushing tile
z = final tile state OPEN
Z = final tile state CLOSED (solid)
a = start tile


Just me, resized gif