[Game] BeJoed

Everyone loves that popular gem matching game, now made even more fun by adding everybody’s favourite character - Joe!

The next mini game in the Joe series sees Joe matching colours and gaining combos all against the clock. Can you beat the high score?




BeJoed.zip (2.2 MB) - Latest version

Bejoed by spinal_cord for Cute Little Demake - itch.io

There’s a high score table also. I’d love to see people’s scores!

Here is an update, which hopefully addresses some of the things @wuuff mentioned. I’m keeping it out of the itch.io version for now, so that the bug fixes don’t skew the voting, there was a time limit after all.

BeJoed.zip (2.2 MB) - Bugfix 05/09/21
BeJoed.zip (2.2 MB) Old update


This is a solid gem-matching game, and I like the way the joes walk when you switch them. It functions well and the music is catchy. Generally speaking, it’s a great matching game for the pokitto! More game modes would be nice, like a zen mode.

I think the title screen music is a little bit too loud when compared to the in-game music.

I encountered a few odd bugs. It seems like the board isn’t randomized when you start a new game after a game over, and if you end up with a board with no moves, then you have to restart the pokitto for it to generate a new playable board. Also, if you start swapping some joes right before the timer runs out, those same joes are selected and will immediately match when you start a new game.

The game is very polished and a great version of the match-3 game. The music and gfx are very good, and the Joe character gives extra personality for the game.
The only downside is that most of us has played this kind of games a lot, so maybe some kind of twist could have been good to have.


Updated first post with bugfix version, left itch version the same for now.


I can update the gamedisk as needed

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If you think it wouldn’t skew the voting.

Found a bug with multiple matches in different directions. If the yellow Joe is moved as shown, only one straight line will be matched, leaving the other two matching Joes.



I’ll see if I can fix that. Thanks :slight_smile:


Fist post updated with new .pop, hopefully addressing the bug @pixelbath pointed out.


Looks like the matches are a little better, but the bug is still present on swapping into a double match:

Edit: Not sure why that .gif is not animating, because the source image sure is. :confused:

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It is animated here for me :eyes:


Weird, now that I reload the page it’s working. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


First post updated, I think I fixed it, changed the method for removing colours. Bonus of that is, more scores!


Yes, this update seems to have fixed it. Got two +24 point bonuses in a row on a single cascade, followed by another +26 point bonus single match. :grin:


The last item I noticed is the timer continuing while Joes are dropping. I know “other” gem matching games freeze this while the player doesn’t have control of the board. Current behavior seems to slightly incentivize moves that are cheaper in terms of Joes moving on the board: single 5-Joe matches, or other higher bonus combinations that only require a single drop. Not a complaint though, just an observation.

Great game, @spinal!