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This game is based on Defender and Aqua Kitty by Tikipod! (Do check them out as the original is amazing!)

The purpose of this game is destroy the enemies on each level. Jelly fish will keep respawning while other enemies are on the level, as they keep trying to abduct your Milk station kitties under the water. You get bonuses for each kitty saved at the end of each level. For each milk station that remains active, you get extra points as the kitty pumps the milk to the ship above.

Some enemies just swim by, others follow you. Your bullets and their bullets only go a certain distance before disintegrating.

Pushing the A button fires the regular bullets. Pushing the B button fires power shots that are 3 times as powerful, but run out very quickly and you need to wait to replenish them.
D-pad moves your ship around the level.

You will notice a “cat-nav” on the bottom left of the screen. The yellow dot is your ship. The red dots are Jellies and a red dot with white circle shows a kitty being abducted. If you’re close enough, you could kill the jelly to save the kitty, but be quick! If a kitty is abducted, that milk station is no longer active and you lose a life. You start with 5 lives and each enemy you destroy could potentially drop an item. An item could be a heart (extra life), a crystal (bonus) and a bomb (blows up all ships on your viewport).

As usual, everything done by me.

POP file:
aqua16.pop (631.3 KB)

Bin and readme zip:
aquapokitty.zip (122.1 KB)

You can get the Windows emulator version on our website at http://blackjet.co.uk

Github repo link: https://github.com/jvdw008/aquapokitty

Have fun!



Beautiful! I know this as Aqua Kitty milk mine defender and i love it


We have such a great community. Thanks for another great contribution @jvdw007!


This game looks so good! I will try it soon :slight_smile:


My best is 5610. A really well made game :slight_smile: I just am not so good in shooters.

Some enemies do not die if you do not shoot it in the middle of it.


Yeah the hitboxes are a bit tight. But if I loosen them, the game becomes too easy :slight_smile:
I kinda like it as it is, as it’s a bit more of a challenge to get them.

Thanks for the likes everyone.


I definitely appreciate the hitboxes being how they are! The challenge was amazing and completely had the correct shooter vibe. I think this will easily end up in my favorites :wink:


wow, that looks great, I will be adding it


As usual, really nicely made game. Really wish you’d move on to something that allows score saving. Other then that it’s just plain awesome :ok_hand:


it looks great and I like the pew pew sound, though I have no idea what I am doing


Pew pew the other ships so they don’t abduct the kitty divers :D!


My best is 100090!

The game looks really great!


Easier said than done lol


After the compo I will update the micropython lib to include EEPROM saving and loading. I also would like to add the zoom-rotator and xor-drawing features to Python if Felipe implements them to PokittoLib.

I also would like to try how Python development works in Femto.


@Hanski that would be just awesome :+1: