[Game]Anarch -- Doom clone FPS

@drummyfish i am really proud to have you working on this! Awesome job! Love it! :+1::smiley:




@jonne thank you very much for showing me this :slight_smile: RN it really helps, I am feeling pretty exhausted and a little anxious as alongside positive feedback also negative comments come from other parts of the Internet as some of my views are “controversial” and it’s all a bit stressful. I really admire anyone releasing “real” big projects like Pokitto, I could never bear that mentally. Thank you for this great little device.


I read your whole project page and came away impressed. The haters can hate. Anarch deserves to be ported to everything


I know how you feel, because I am on a journey of freedom as well. Though I haven’t gotten to the same levels as you (yet, perhaps) I thoroughly appreciate and admire your stance.

That said, this game is amazing and a real gift! It is definitely going to be in my list of top titles to show off to people when I show off my Pokitto to friends and family :wink:
Also, by sharing the way you have you’re both proving your views and releasing something that can be used to better all of Pokitto for those willing to take the dive into the code :eyes: I also must say, the trailer for Anarch gave me goosebumps.



I now had proper time to try out this game.

This is an amazing feat on a device like Pokitto. Technically the most impressive game on Pokito yet. There is no question about that. Sorry everyone else.

The speed and the level design and everything. Just amazing.


I will be making my own gameplay videos on this tomorrow


This is really amazing! I had been waiting for this to release, and it’s great! Also pretty difficult.

Is there a way to jump on the Pokitto? Starting in level 3, I think I found some areas that require jumping to escape them, and I got stuck there. I got a little further on PC, but the enemies that shoot the plasma shots are quite tough even on PC. I’ve made it to level 6 so far.

Do enemies not collide with weapon projectiles after a certain distance? I tried shooting at range and then backing up further, and it seemed like enemies could take endless shots if they stopped rendering before the shot landed.

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forward + C

The projectiles have time to live, i.e. they explode/disappear after a certain distance. I think rockets shoot a bit further than plasma, that’s how you can usually take out plasma bots. Bullets should shoot the furthest.

On PC you take more damage, (there’s a setting for that: SFG_PLAYER_DAMAGE_MULTIPLIER). It’s because on PC controls are easier, so I compensated it by increasing difficulty :slight_smile:


I wish I could program this well! As someone who has released a few games on the Pokitto, I know exactly what sort of effort, skill and thought has gone into this. I could possibly put in the effort but the skill and thought is beyond me.


I know exactly what you mean. The intensity of thought needed for cracking some of the math and concepts involved is not for me. I see ‘Good Enough’ and I am like ‘ah. Here is my station. Excuse me, pardon, thank you sir!’


Plays great on Pokitto too. I have been able to find only one bug. This object looks to float in the air:

Here is the map position:


That’s actually a feature xD Full z-buffer would take up too much RAM. I just shoot a ray to an object and if it hits, it’s visible, otherwise it’s invisible, so no partial occlusion. On PC tho someone could add a z-buffer and “fix” this (ATM I need a break so I won’t do this right now, maybe in the future).


BTW if you want my “”“controversial opinions”"" out of the game, you can fork it and remove it and post it here, no problem :blush: You can really just do whatever. You can create a Christmas edition or something, just replace the textures and sprites with something, make the rocket launcher shoot snowballs etc.

EDIT: Actually thinking about that Christmas mod, it sounds pretty cool, I may try it.


Gameplay video:


Amazing, thanks @jonne :slight_smile:


Although Anarch is “only” one game, the amount of work that has gone into it is phenomenal.

For this the Batcomputer has decided to award Miloslav with the most prestigious badge of Game Mogul!!!

gamemogul @drummyfish

A round of applause!


Tried it out a little. Truly amazing achievement!


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Just played it a little and I think it’s great! It’s amazing to see what the little Pokitto can do.

Nicely done! :smiley: