[Game]Abbaye des morts



A reminder that this code still doesn’t comply with the GPL, specifically clause 5a:

The work must carry prominent notices stating that you modified it, and giving a relevant date.


We do, in the README.


I’m not sure the README counts as part of ‘the work’,
but I can’t find any evidence either way,
and I really don’t have time to go looking any more into it,
so I’ll have to assume that’s fine.


It is also in the title screen and the git repo and log is open for anyone to see what the exact changes were and when they were made.


This is a really amazing port, but it really is tough as nails.

I wish I could have helped work on this, but I don’t think I could have even come close to doing as good a job as you guys did here. I actually did try starting to port it a long while back. I got as far as getting all the code to compile and run on the Pokitto, with a single placeholder sprite for all graphics and a bunch of the code commented out. I didn’t do any scrolling, so the levels didn’t actually fit fully on screen, and the framerate was so low it would have been unplayable. I think I didn’t even implement I/O, so the only way I knew it was at least partially running was that I got the sprites for the crusaders to move across the initial screen. Once I decided the code would need a significant rewrite, I put the code aside and ended up never coming back to it.

I originally figured I would need to replace all the floating point calculations with fixpoint to get better performance. Looking at your code, it looks like you are still using floating point for the player/enemy coordinates in the game, so I suppose that the use of floating point wasn’t the bottleneck. I’m curious what your main changes were to get such a good framerate. The result really is amazing!

I think I’m getting a crash on my Pokitto if I run out of lives after reaching at least the first checkpoint and then restarting the game (without restarting the Pokitto). The Pokitto freezes consistently when it tries to load the first room.


I’m finishing a Postmortem with some of the changes we’d to make to make it run. I’ve also been surprised of the final results.

There are still some issues to be fixed, not sure if I’ve reproduced your bug.


Seems like @FManga found the root of the problem.
@wuuff if you’d like to test here it is abbaye.bin (176.4 KB)

Note that It’s compiled with latest PokittoLib that include some of the improvements developed during the making of the game and still in test.