[Game]Abbaye des morts



Evidently they also didn’t know what arrays are.

The moral of this story:
It may be boring, but you should read the language tutorial from start to end.
Knowing the different language constructs saves you time and effort later down the line.

The sad thing is this isn’t even the worst program I’ve heard stories about. I’ve read some pretty scary stuff.


I finally got the first cross xD! I’m getting better.


This is a really hard game. We need savestates :wink:


Welcome if you implement it! We discussed at least saving the state when you turn Pokitto off, but left this for the future release. PokittoCookie could be used, but we agreed it would be better to save to the SD card since we already have a system for this in place. You can also create an issue for this at GitLab.


I know I sure need savestates. The problem is implementing them will probably be tricky, because of the state of the code, and we didn’t want to delay the release because of that.


My record so far: 3 crosses :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Wow, this is a real game.


There should be a badge for completing this :smile:


So, i finally had some time to try this out. It is really incredible! I did play the mega drive version for some time already and i never thought you could squeeze so much graphical detail into a pokitto game. Just wow. And the sound also does sound much clearer as in most pokitto games, astonishing. I did play with save states on mega drive -still hard as hell and still so much fun😉


Which is harder, the Mega Drive version or the Pokitto version?


Not so easy to answer, as i would have to try a bit longer, but i would say the pokitto version is a bit easier because it appears slightly slower so you can jump more precisely. As i did try a few different controllers with the mega drive version i can rule out that it is related to the controller but is a version specific thing.


Well done! I have been playing this for a while, my current record is only 2 crosses!

@HomineLudens (or anyone else?) would you mind to elaborate a bit on the porting process?
What were the difficult parts, how long did it take etc;?


The 3DS version is also Hard :slight_smile: prefer the pokitto version :slight_smile:


@HomineLudens would be the best to explain this, as getting the code to run on the Pokitto was entirely his work. If it wasn’t for this initial work he did, I don’t think anyone else would’ve had the courage to touch that code.


I planned to write a postmortem on Abbaye. It has been a formative experience in a way I didn’t expect.
I’m just taking some time to avoid been to emotional.

I was blind and jumped in the dark.


I’m working on fixing the difficult mode… Pokitto version will probably implement a secret “Hell” mode :japanese_ogre:


Any way to implement an easy mode? More life’s or such? Almost fired my Pokitto against the wall today just kidding yeah I know I need an anti aggression course :smiley:


Have you tried the CastleBoy port in the other thread?

That is frustrating like hell.

EDIT: incidentally @Pharap , could you make a [Game] Thread on the castleboy port?


Played castleboy already on arduboy but I really I think it’s easier… :smiley:

Edit : I edited the arduboy code so I was invincible at some time… I just enjoyed playing… Used it for fun…


Shouldn’t we get it fully working first?

(Also I’d like to point out that it doesn’t have Pokitto Cookie support, so the first 16 bytes of EEPROM will possibly need to be in Arduboy format.)

I’ll make it a WIP thread for now because I don’t really consider it fully working.

The thread is here.