[Game]1 on 1: Racer


Pokitto Build: 1on1Racer.zip (344.2 KB)

Browser Build

Source code


This game is meant to be played with your Pokitto on its side.

Race head-to-head against other players through a treacherous track. If you win, share your replay file (stored in /data/0.png) here so that other players can try to win against you!

This is what a replay file looks like:

As you can see, Sebulba’s youger brother managed to go around the track in 27.422 seconds. If you want to race against yourself, simply remove the replay file.

How fast can you go?


Jeez these games are getting more and more amazing, I’m just waiting for a full blown Minecraft or Quake 1 port now. What rendering technique is this?!?!

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It’s a Commanche-style voxel terrain with regular triangle meshes.


Ah, here I’ve found the algorithm explained. This is a truly a great game, I can see it’s also playable in browser.


Couldn’t get this game to run properly. Maybe it overwrites something in the data folder, but had to flash my pokitto new afterwards

It should run even without an SD card. What happened when you tried to run it?

I put the bin into the folder where all my bins are (Using Kraken loader with an oldgame folder) and put the data files into the root of my data folder. Game starts, runs, but no controls and no way to exit, reboot, etc.

You can hold C when turning on the Pokitto to go to the loader. Hold the device sideways and steer with the Up/Down arrows.

I did try the c button, but i didn’t work

If it helps, it seems like holding C while pressing reset is not the same as holding C while switching the power switch down. At least… that seems to be what is going on for me.

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ok, this might be a thing to try