Fusion Retro Books for free

Hi Everybody,
I share this here too: maybe as inspiration for the next magazine :wink:

Hi there,

With the Corona virus effecting people’s life across the globe, many of us are in self-isolation with time on our hands.

To fill the time, please accept a free PDF copy of the Fusion 2020 Annual and in addition, Issue 9 and 10 of the magazine as well. Also for the first time, a PDF of the 8-Bit Kids by Amicom is available and we can also give this to you for free as well.

The links are as follows:

Fusion Annual 2020 : https://fusionretrobooks.com/collections/pdf/products/pdf-fusion-annual-2020

Fusion Issue #10 : https://fusionretrobooks.com/collections/pdf/products/pdf-fusion-gaming-magazine-issue-10

Fusion Issue #9 : https://fusionretrobooks.com/collections/pdf/products/psdf-fusion-gaming-magazine-issue-9

8-Bit Kids : https://fusionretrobooks.com/collections/pdf/products/pdf-8-bit-kids

Please do stay safe in this crazy time.

Cheers, Chris