I bet nobody has done anything crazy like this…

It uses an Arduino pro micro to read a Wii classic controller and translate the buttons directly to the pokitto.
Can’t flash this one as the usb port is gone through.

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:scream: wow!!! This is incredible!


Would be if I could change the game :stuck_out_tongue:


The micro sd card slot is broken?


On the one hand it’s good to see some electronics stuff.

On the other hand, dear god what have you done to your Pokitto?
Parts missing, case sliced off…

Perhaps @jonne should look into creating a (3D printable) case designed for people who like to tinker with the hardware?


IT’s my first pokitto that the USb snapped off. @jonne suggested I use that one for ‘dangerous experiments’, so i did :stuck_out_tongue:
The loader worked back when it looked like this…

But now it hangs on the version number screen. Or of it gets past there, then it wont enter any of the sub menus.
I wonder if it’s something to do with the arduino that’s supplying poser and buttons, perhaps the power level is too low or high for some of the pokitto internals to work correctly.


SD card is sensitive to fluctuation of power. Your guess is probably right. How are you communicating between the arduino and Pokitto?


you can use ISP to flash the pokitto


Currently powering the pokitto from an output pin on the arduino. I am attempting to power from a usb breakout to a voltage divider, but it seems not to work at all.


And you can make an arduino into an ISP programmer:


Fixed all of the issues (so far).
Now is powered by the arduino, with a voltage divider, all buttons work from the arduino including reset so I can (for example) press L+R shoulder buttons on my controller to reset.
The little Pokittostein is now usable again including loading from SD card. :slight_smile:


You probably hold the title of “the most hacked Pokitto out there”


By a huge margin :wink:


Hehe, Is there a forum badge for that? :crazy_face:


It’s the elusive “Frankenpokitto” badge





I seem to have derailed another thread… Can my crazy hack perhaps be moved someplace?

But, while I’m here, I tried recording the monster on my phone while testing the new auto-fire addition to my controller ‘emulator’…




Enjoy the thread title. :P


It’s seems ok for recording stuff from!