Font Tilesets?

I am seeing a lot of font tilesets like these around:

does anyone know what tools exactly can import images like these, to export to hex values we can then use on the Pokitto?

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The only thing I know of is doing it manually as explained here and here.

You might want to run some of those font sheets through BMP2POK and compare the outputs from that to how a font .c file looks and see if you can figure out a way to automate the BMP2POK output to font .c file.

Thanks @VonBednar!

To answer my own question, I found ‘LCD Assistant’ to be a helpful tool for this:

it has a nice feature useful for fonts wider or narrower than 8 pixels, you can select how many pixels per byte in the array!

eg. for the 10x10 fonts, I selected 5 pixels per byte to split each row of 10 over two bytes, and be able to keep separation between the values for each font tile.


a wiki about fonts would be nice