FM Radio Hat

Could you sketch that idea?

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I hadn’t thought of a case when I rushed the design together, so there aren’t any mounting holes or anything like that.

I’d like to order a pcb and boom box shell lol



Nice! You could make that kind of sticker for the PEX extension shell.

someone would have to draw a real one though :stuck_out_tongue: that one’s googled :slight_smile:

PCBs arrived, radio modules not yet


You know, if I’d thought about it, I would have used different pins than the joystick hat, allowing for a joystick-radio hat in the future :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

like, tuning your radio with a joystick?

For playing Jet Set Radio of course


Having done a quick test, assuming that at least some people have bought joystick hats already, it might be worth re-wiring the radio hat so that the pins don’t clash. That way a Radio Joystick Rumble hat could very well work.


lol, I got radios, but no boards, almost like the old Reese Peanut butter cups commercials

pcbway is asking for a board size in mm and I am not sure what to tell it.

Hey Rob I can send you one of these boards if you want. You will get it quicker from pcbway tho

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Works perfectly :sunglasses:


Ok, I can log in again, I’ve had trouble logging in like the site just bogs down. I thank you Jonne, I will try the cob way one I kinda want to do that, I need to reopen the order, it was in my Mac and safari closed on me several days ago.

Anyone else upset that there isn’t a cheap I2C digital TV chip available? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh wow, that would be the greatest thing ever, a tiny hd tv.

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For anyone who as made an FMRadio hat… (I think only @jonne at the moment)

Here is an alternative .bin for

Just grab all of the files from that thread and run this instead and when you mute the ingame music, it will switch to the fmradio hat!

RoadTrip_Pokitto-main.bin (225.2 KB)

On the Radio screen © if muted, up/down will search through the FM range to find a station, if not muted, then the tracks will change as usual.