FM Radio Hat

As some of the forum members know, I have been spending a little of my spare time attempting to create an FM radio hat for my Pokitto. Today, I finished it! (or rather, got it to a state that I am happy to share with the world).

Features -
Customer background image (/_fmradio/background.bmp)
Auto search Up/Down
Volume Up/Down
Record to SD card
Up to 10 preset stations can be saved

A readily available RDA5807M chip was used, which communicates with the Pokitto over I2C protocol using a software library. The audio output from the chip is captured through an analog pin on the PEX header and processed through the Pokittos own sound hardware, which enables us to record the audio to the SD card as well as using the Pokittos to control volume and potentially performing some EQ processes.

Source code - messy… (23.5 KB)

Compiled .bin and SD folder (80.5 KB)

Just extract to the root of your microSD card, load the .bin and enjoy!
image image

KiCade files for editing and sending to PCB fabricators (48.7 KB)

Here’s a handful of photos too…
How the chip is connected to the Pokitto…
3D mockup of the board that was sent to PCBWay for fabrication…

The actual board that was sent to me…

Populated board with RDA5807M and header pins…

FM Radio Hat plugged into Pokitto…

As an added bonus, pressing A+B+C will save a screenshot to /_fmradio/screenshot.bmp


Very cool, I’m definitely making one

Ordered the fm module yesterday.


Radios arrived from Ali now I need to order a PCs lol. Or just freeform it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. How hard is it to do the Chinese pub ordering thing?
And will
I mess it up like I somehow did the bike computer?

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This is really cool. Personally I don’t really use radio, but it would be really cool to maybe see this in the official hat shop. Maybe @jonne can cook something up.

Excellent work :+1:

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Just grab the kicad zip file from the first post and head over to PCBway, it’s straight forward. They even give a discount on your first order,so you can probably keep the price down to shipping only :slight_smile:

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I need to order more joyhats (with @spinal 's rumble fix, that works very well indeed)

I could order some radiohat pcbs at the same time


Wouldn’t an FMRadio Joystick Rumble hat be fun! :stuck_out_tongue:


Could totally use the rumble part as a makeshift subwoofer :thinking:.

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FM Radio Hats will be available soon

… I ordered some PCB’s and radio modules. I will put them on sale in the shop.

Thank you to @spinal for the cool idea and the work


I can’t wait to see what people use it for!

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Are you planning to 3d print a shell for the ones you will sell or just the naked thing?

It got me laughing out loud as I was imagining the radio hat shell looking like those old 80’s boomboxes :wink: like if Pokitto was holding it over its head.


Could you sketch that idea?

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I hadn’t thought of a case when I rushed the design together, so there aren’t any mounting holes or anything like that.

I’d like to order a pcb and boom box shell lol



Nice! You could make that kind of sticker for the PEX extension shell.

someone would have to draw a real one though :stuck_out_tongue: that one’s googled :slight_smile:

PCBs arrived, radio modules not yet


You know, if I’d thought about it, I would have used different pins than the joystick hat, allowing for a joystick-radio hat in the future :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

like, tuning your radio with a joystick?