FIXED: Cannot build Wins Simulator build any more (IRQn_Type error)

When trying to build the HelloWorld under the Wins Simulator (CodeBlocks), I got these errors:

C:\git\PokittoLib2\Pokitto\POKITTO_CORE\PokittoCore.cpp|271|error: 'IRQn_Type' has not been declared|
C:\git\PokittoLib2\Pokitto\POKITTO_CORE\PokittoCore.cpp|271|error: 'NVIC_DisableIRQ' was not declared in this scope|

I have the latest PokittoLib.

Fixed by adding #ifndef:

	#ifndef POK_SIM
    NVIC_DisableIRQ(IRQn_Type::CT32B0_IRQn); // Stop sound interrupt

I will include this to my soon coming PR about sound fixes.