First Reality (#demoscene)


Super trippy. Can you imagine that in VR?

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Very cool! It is not technically super advanced as a demo, but an immersiveness factor is huge! It has a lot to do with the shaky-cam that is moving all the time and the gfx which follows that.
The Benny Hill music in the end is hilarious :smiley:

The point is, I think, that it is a remake of Second Reality, effects & music

What a cool idea! I was kind of hoping they were going to do the 3D section from the end of the original demo, but maybe that wouldn’t work so well with augmented reality. It also seems that they were sticking to that specific song from the demo, because they didn’t implement the opening scene either. Still really cool.

A VR version of the demo could add a first-person perspective of the spaceship flying! That part would probably be nauseating though.

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I know the real reason @jonne likes it… :P

Music by Jonne “Purple Motion” Valtonen

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He was in fact the first namesake I ever came across

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