First impressions: Flight of the Steam Rocket Glider

This is a new kind of game in Pokitto. I have not seen a game like this before elsewhere either. You need to as far as you can utilizing suitable air streams which take you further. You have limited amount of steam to use as a power source.
The game is quite simple. Try to find a stream by going up or down. It is very easy too. Maybe it would need a bit more challenge. This would be an excellent game for small children as controls are very easy.


Suggestion: Maybe a paper plane could be the vehicle also? There could be clear markers so that you know when you have passed you old record (maybe save 3 best results to eeprom).


There are indeed a lot of similar games and of course with paper planes too

If gameplay and graphic elements where added this could be very addictive


When the Jam started I had Sopwith and Triplane Turmoil and maybe Crimson Skies in mind, but I also knew I’d have to make something much simpler to get anything ready before deadline. I got the idea for air streams from @SkyBerron’s line drawing test.

This was also the first time I used Perlin noise (or actually Perlin’s improved Simplex noise) and I’m sure I’ll be using it for other projects too now that I know how it works.