[FEATURE REQUEST] Printing UNICODE. Is it possible?


Hello people,
Is this possible (maybe in future releases) to print non-ascii (unicode) in pokitto simulator ?

int main () {

while (game.isRunning()) {

    if (game.update()) {
        game.display.print("Hello, 世界!");


return 1;


This is a very good question. Answer: at the moment unicode is not implemented but would be possible to do, at least in limited scope.

I would start with looking at Oli Kraus’s U8g2 graphics lib. If arduino can do it, Pokitto can do it.

Edit: forgot link: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=410177.0


Nice ! Looking forward to see this feature.


This is why the lib is open source. Perhaps you’d like to try adding this to the sim? :wink:

Edit: on a more serious note, I will also take a look at what it would require.