Favourite old games (that I'd like to see on Pokitto) -thread

These suggestions came from @Olli

Lazy Jones

Sabre Wulf

Marble Madness

Boulder Dash

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I’d love to see Fantasy Zone on Pokkito…


Here’s one of the best games ever made for the legendary Spectrum ZX /48. This would definitely be fun with Pokitto.


Anyone willing to make a Pokitto-iridium-uridium remake, here’s a promising code.

@jonne I found a new game which Chloe Harris has been working on, which is also being submitted to CGAJam. The game’s called Tower of Rubble. That game would be perfect for Pokitto. You should try to get a port of that for Pokitto.

Can’t find a reference video for it (I googled it).
What kind of game is it? Anything to do with Tower Toppler?


Here’s a picture of the game. You can find it from the CGAJam entries.

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https://rxi.itch.io/scanline I really like scanline’s concept. Maybe someone or game creator can be port to pokitto

Don’t know if it would work and would probably require a new game but I’d love to see escape velocity from the old 68k and early ppc macs on it, heck I’d love to have it on my pocket chip. Pokkito though would be really fun to play it on.

I’m definitely going to try to make Pong and Tetris in the near future (these need no introduction!). I’ll have to figure out the Pokitto Simulator before then, though :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know people like Boulder Dash, but I would never stop playing Dig Dug if it was on the Pokitto.

I’d also love to play a pinball game…

Oh, and Circuit Dude!! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

I am planning on putting a TCG on it, but Pokemon TCG would be cool.

Oh, and a Tamagachi-style game for sure!! Gotta have one of those!


Pokittogatchi would be both wonderful and awesome.

@crait Any plans to port Circuit Dude to Pokitto? I would love to play it on Pokitto!

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Yes @crait Jonathan! We demand to know :grin:

hint hint wink wink

I’ll do that after I finish my Arcade Classics game (which also relates to this topic!) I personally love Dig Dug as well, and I know my sister would be overjoyed if she could play it :slight_smile:


If you get a Dig Dug made that looks and plays like the original, you’d be my man!! I’ll buy you a beer or something. :wink:

Absolutely! Just to let you know, it’s also available on Steam. :smiley:

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I love this one (Spider Fighter/Activision)

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Wizards of War: Atari (1980, Midway)
Pac-man meets Space Invaders style maze shooter with boss encounters.

Warlords: Atari (1980, Atari)
1 - 4 player breakout style war game, defend your… dead rabbit/squirrel?

Keystone Kapers: Atari (1983, Activision)
Chase the robber, screen by screen running game.

Zaxxon: Atari, Apple, PC, Spectrum, Comadore, Sega, Dragon, few others (1983 -1985, Sega)
isometric space shooter, not another side scrolling shooter clone.

Paperboy: Atari and ports to other consoles later like NES (1985, Atari)
throw your papers in letterboxes or at other stuff for points, finish an assault course at end of street.

Smurfs: Atari, ColecoVision (1982, Coleco)
my family played this for years until realising there was a double jump feature, it was very entertaining watching people trying to get over that gate with all their might and physical effort possible without a big jump; many never made it…


Was there a 2-player version of this game?

Yes, i remember multiplayer