Favorite Pokitto Games?


HOWDY! I’m playing my Pokitto, but it’s pretty outdated. I’d love to get some newer games on there and check them out! Would love to hear what you guys think. What’s your favorite Pokitto game that I should check out this weekend on my trip?


Here are few. Not in a specific order:

  • Legend of Lanea
  • Noggin
  • Scummpy: Quest 1
  • Jetpack
  • Xploritto (not a game but a cool utility)
  • Pyrates!
  • Rayne the Roque
  • Cutie Critters’
  • Pokitto Grand Prix
  • Matti’s Nightmare (wip)


Let’s not forget Super Crate Box and Celeste! :wink:


@crait , I updated the gamedisk package just for you


And here I was hoping for the next gamedisk to use the new loader😅


Yes we will get to that soon. But I realized we need to update in between.


This list! Hanski has some of the greatest here. But Super CrateBox is great too.

When I first got the Pokitto one of my absolute favorite was also Crabator


Does the new loader support the loading screen graphics? It would be nicer to look at nice gfx than stare only at the plain progress bar while the game is loading.


Loading a game take less than 6 seconds, displaying graphics will make that enjoyable but it will slow the loading speed significantly.
here a screenshot of the new loading screen




I am really looking forward to this new loader.


Looks good!

SDFS should be able to read about 80 kb/s, so reading a 16-color loading screen image should be easily less than 1 sec. Thought that can depend on the SD card.


It has definitely come a long way since I was on the forum, last!!


small games loading take 3 seconds, we can decide later if loading graphic is needed.


Sure, that is more a nice-to-have feature. Here is a link to SD performance test results: Improving FPS


Thanks, I downloaded this, but there is no LOA.DER file with the download and I’m not sure what the start.bin is supposed to be for. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! (I already tried the version 4 of the loa.der, but it seemed like it was glitchy as I could not scroll through the games, although I could see them, and it didn’t look like @bl_ackrain’s screenshot at all.)


the loader in the screenshot is a WIP and not released yet


Ah, thank you. I still cannot get the list to scroll, however. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, I found a way to download v10 of the game disk. 12 didn’t come with the LOA.DER file, so I grabbed the version 4 from the v10 game disk. Putting version 5 of the LOA.DER makes things work nicely, now!


i just tried the new loader that can be installed from Xploritto by @bl_ackrain

Its way, way better.

Mind blown