Extensible Loader


I think minigames on loading screens are patented anyway.


They were. The patent expired. :slight_smile:


Why was Bandi allowed to patent an ‘idea’ in the 90’s that someone else did in the 80’s?


Is that loading screen 3 minutes long? o_O


Did you never own one of the old 8-bits? 3 minutes was easily the average loading time for a game. I remember even having a game called ‘in the beginning’ that warned on the cassette inlay of a 13 minute load time!


I started off on the NES. No tapes, no loading screens. :stuck_out_tongue:


So much to do, so much to see, so much to do, so much to see…


They probably shoved a lot of money and hookers at someone.


Today I got the loader to load .der files, so now it can update/uninstall itself.

Now I’ll start working on the tool for making pop files out of bins.


So we can soon add icons to our bins? That nice!


That’s the idea. I’m thinking of making a github site where you drop the bin in, fill out a form (author name, description, etc) and it gives you a pop.

For those who’d prefer to not use a browser and/or make pop file generation part of the build process, a NodeJS-based command-line tool has already been made.


Is that available somewhere?


An older, undocumented and slightly incomplete version is on github. It is what I’ve been using to make the pop files that come with the loader, so you can look at one of the pop.json files as an example.
I’ll write a guide on how to set it up and use it soon.


Ok, seems that currently the format of the icon is: 36x36, 4bpp. I have to have one for Pokitto GP :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the format used in the desktop, which has larger icons. The file browser needs 24x24, 4bpp but I don’t think support for that tag is on github yet.


Drop a BIN file and the emulator starts running so you can take screenshots.
Icon pngs and author/description are optional. Still need to add a “Download POP” button.


Big question @FManga : how should we host the game files? Hosting them here is not very convenient.


It’s not convenient to host them here in the forum (as attachments), or do you mean on this server?
If the former, we can make a game repository (nodejs? php?) and host it on the same server.
If the latter… maybe Firebase? :thinking:


We can host them on the server but there needs to be an upload system


Dunno what it is but the meta forum has a nice upload system, and the page with creations with previews and all, that’s how I’d like the frontend to be (plus show a license of each game). I especially like the favorite button because one of my hobbies, and I suppose of many other people, is creating personal collections. It should be separate from an upvote/like button.