Extensible Loader


GBemu: “Super Princess 2092 Exodus”


I managed to find a card that makes it break: a 16gb SDHC.
@Hanski: Is yours an SDHC?

Edit: found a working 4gb SDHC, so that’s not the issue. I’ll try to get the 16gb one to work, but it will take a while: the laptop I was coding this on decided to die today. >_<


Unfortunately, I do not know. The size is 2GB,


I’m just getting the flashing square on a black screen with a regular 2gb and 4gb sdhc.

This is my current situation, not sure if it helps.


Does Pokittair work with all 3? :thinking:


Yup, loading and saving works on all three.


I have two SD cards (2 GB), but neither works.


Do you still have the packaging for the first two?

I’ve got a feeling this could be related to a difference in speed class.


Nope, although according to the speed tester on this site - https://cam-do.com/pages/sd-card-speed-tester

The card that don’t work have read speeds of about 20mb/s but the working card has a readspeed of just under 10mb/s.

  1. 2GB not working - read 20.644mb/s, write 5.76mb/s
  2. 2GB working - read 9.411mb/s, write 7.748mb/s
  3. 4GB not working - read 20.85mb/s, write 10.684mb/s


@spinal, @Hanski: I think I’ve found and fixed the problem.
Can you test this build and report if it works?


Yup, seems to work fine on the 4gb card :slight_smile:


I will test it tomorrow.


Really keen on seeing where the new loader will be going. But I will wait for a stable release… Maybe even a new gamedisk made for the new loader.


Works now! What was the problem?


It didn’t work :sweat_smile:


FS.seekdir was broken. Now the mystery is why did it ever work on some cards? :stuck_out_tongue:

How is the flashing speed compared to the vanilla loader?
@spinal do you notice a speed difference between your cards?


Looks exactly the same to me…

[edit] vanilla as in original… it feels faster, is it even possible to revert to an earlier loader?


I think installing start.bin using usb is the easy way, at the moment.
I’ll try to add support for .der files soon, so you’ll be able to simply pick a loader file and install it. Since all the code can be put in RAM it can update itself… theoretically.

So much to do… T_T


Yup, it worked. Your loader is about twice as fast.


I guess that means we won’t have minigames in the loading-screen then. :stuck_out_tongue: