Extensible Loader


Is this still being worked on? It seems so cool!


Not right now, but I’ll get back to it soon. This month has been really busy.


I think it’s been busy for everyone near enough.
Lots of people have been dipping in and out.


@FManga is it possible to have a battery indicator in the loader? I know that to have it on all game would need to add it to each source but if it was a plug-in for the loader I guess someone could check the charge before flashing a game at least?

I know it may not be possible to have an exact reading though…

While I am at it, could it be possible to hide the folders in the navigator? Or have the option to do it?

And one last thing, it seems the .bin files are displayed in a weird order in the navigator, is it just me or it’s weird?


I haven’t looked into it specifically yet, but it’s a planned feature:

You can hide a folder by adding a dot to the beginning of the name (".folder"). Of course, this won’t help you with folders containing only game data, but I don’t think there’s anything we can do about those.
The idea is that the loader has two lists: favorites on the desktop, which doesn’t have folders, and the navigator. The point of the navigator is that you can group games together using folders for organization, so hiding all of them would be removing an important feature.
Maybe we could start adding a “_data” suffix and ignore those specifically? squiddy_data, zboy_data, etc…

The navigator does not sort the file list. I had to pick: either support an arbitrary amount of files in a directory or sort the contents. Since folders can be used to organize games into smaller lists, the lack of sorting shouldn’t be too bad.


I like the idea of folders, then you can arrange games by type


Well folders should have a folder icon instead of the randomly generated ship then :wink: