Extensible Loader


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make the cursor thicker.
I think I can add more rows, but for now I made it show the screenshot (if there is one) in the upper part of the screen. It looks good if the first screenshot is a title screen. I’ll try adding more rows once I implement the custom loading screen.


Now that I test it, it looks really cool!

The UI is like in Nintendo 3DS. The lower screen shows the icons, the upper screen shows the title screen. Should we have a key (“C”) for showing the full title screen temporarily? As long as C is pressed down, the full screen is shown.


Wow… I really can’t wait to have a new gamedisk package using this new loader with an easy to install guide that goes with it.


We also need some way to show the metadata that’s in the pop (game name, author name, description). I was thinking something along the lines of: Button A starts the game, button B goes back to the desktop, and C would enter another mode.
Initially it would show the title screen with metadata. Pressing left/right would cycle from one screenshot to the next (without metadata), and pressing B would go back to list mode. Pressing A would also start the game.

The only thing we need now is to create icons/screenshots for the games. Installation is exactly the same as the original loader’s: extract zip to SD, press C in the “press C for loader” screen, update, done!


Sounds good. I noticed that loading&drawing the screenshot takes about 1 sec, and you cannot move during that time. It could check the arrow keys time to time so that the browsing the icons would not be slow. It could first just quickly draw the name of the game on the upper part of the screen and then the screenshot is drawn over it. If you browse fast enough you could just see the names.


1 sec to draw? o_O
That’s not right, it’s practically instant here.
Can you film it so I can see what’s going on?



Thanks, it’s definitely not supposed to be that slow.
I’ll see if I can find a card that behaves like that. :thinking:


Honestly that does make for a cool transition though. Maybe the slow draw for that could be an option at some point? A transition for the screenshots might look nice and that one isn’t actually memory-intensive.


anyone else noticed the going a bit screwy if you ‘b’ to exit from the navigator?


Hah, I hadn’t noticed that before. It’s a simple fix.


Also, here is a .pop version of Sensitive…Sensitive.pop (237.1 KB)


@Hanski, @Spinal: I just released a new build. It fixes the messed-up desktop bug and should allow you to navigate while the screenshot is still loading. The screenshot isn’t supposed to load so slowly, though, and I haven’t been able to replicate that at all. It loads instantly on every card I try, so I don’t know if the navigation-while-loading actually works.


I can test it with my slow card :wink:


The navigation now can interrupt the screenshot drawing, if I press the arrow again. If I keep the arrow pushed, it draws the screenshot fully before continuing.

The navigation speed overall is ok, but could be faster as there can be over 100 games on SD. Now, if I keep the arrow pressed, it takes about 2.3 seconds for a cursor to move 10 items. If the arrow is pressed long enough it could go to the page-by-page browsing mode to speed up browsing.

There could also be the page number somewhere or “dots” on the bottom of the screen to indicate what page we are on and how much there are total pages.

The cursor is now much move visible.


Here is a pop file of the latest Pokitto GP v1.0.2:
PokitGP.pop (197.0 KB)


I’ll include it in the next build. :smiley:


I noticed two problems with the latest pop creator.

  • The game cannot be started from desktop, only from navigator.
  • The 26x26 image is not used in the navigator. It uses scaled down version of the bigger icon.

Btw. Nice icon and screenshot for the Abbaye game!


I think the desktop still has a limitation on file name length. If you rename it to “Abbaye” it works.
I had to stop using the 26x26 icon in the navigator because of RAM. It’s the full 36x36 icon, not scaled down, copied directly to the screen.
The smaller icon is still included in the pop, but it isn’t used… for now. It might be useful in the future?


A portrait of the author ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: