Extensible Loader


This is pretty easy/simple to implement. A POP file could contain both the loading screen and the actual game. Actually writing and building a custom loading screen might be a bit complicated for others, though (requires custom linker script, can’t use PokittoLib). I’m open to suggestions on how to make this simpler.

I like this idea.

On EEPROM we can store a flag with one of three values:
0 - startup screens disabled
1 - startup screens enabled
2 - skip startup screens but set flag to 1

In the emulator, the default would be 0 to make development faster.


Can that be included in your “bin-to-pop” Web tool? The loading screen could be the same as the screenshot but it can be a separate graphics as well.


Hmm… I think so. It would render a 565 image on the screen then display a standard progressbar over it somewhere?

Btw, the tool is now online here. I’m still working on it and I don’t know if it’s compatible with the last loader I released (I’ve only been testing with the version I’m working on), so think of it as a not-production-ready preview for feedback and don’t start converting all your bins just yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great! I will test it tonight.



It already looks awesome btw.


btw. PNG-format works for the icons.

Edit: Pop-file works! It can be flashed also.

Edit2: No 36x36 icon or screenshot is visible, but I guess the Loader do not support that yet(?).


@Hanski how do you change the thumbnails?


Just drop a png into it. If you don’t, it will try to make an icon using the name.


I haven’t implemented support for screenshots yet. You should see the 36x36 icon if you put the bin in the /.loader/desktop/ folder.


If I drop a png it is added to the screenshot column.
Ideally I’d like to drag and drop the image from the screenshot listbox.
Using chrome 70.0.3538.77 on Win10


The idea is that you’d drop in images at the appropriate size, since resizing/cropping automatically would look bad.

On the other hand, it would be nice if it could use a screenshot as a background for generated icons. :thinking:


Yep, that works too.

Thought, there is some gibberish in the text area :slight_smile:


That’s was not so clear :wink: , Image of the correct size works perfectly.

Maybe allowing both, so one can use a corrected scaled image or something automatic for a quick release.


I think automatically downscaling the screenshot to the icon size will almost always look bad.


I think that’s something I already fixed in the current (unreleased) loader, but I’ll double-check to be sure.

I’ll do some tests… Shrinking the image down that much might not produce something very recognizable. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes it is :grin: , but sometimes is better then nothing.
Probably just take a small portion of the screen could give better result.
Anyway is really a minor aspect.
Just give some feedback on the forbidden operation or you’ll get lot of user asking for clarification.


Yes, the web tool UI already looks very nice. Just a bit more on-screen instructions and error messages will make the usability better.


I just uploaded a new release. As far as I know, it’s stable enough for everyday use.
Maybe time to bump the version number to 1.0.0? Can anybody see any bugs or missing critical features?

@Jonne: What do you think of this:

This would be a change in the PokittoLib and a more elegant solution than trying to detect the emulator, as discussed previously.
Would you like me to implement it and send a PR?


Yes, please!


By the way, what’s the filename in eeprom for?
If my loader were to use that, it’d have to be 256 bytes (MAX_PATH) long. o_O

Edit: PR sent.


I tested the latest bin. The loader starts very quickly :slight_smile:
Here are few comments:

  • The cursor is almost invisible in the navigator view
  • In the navigator view there is room for two more rows, I think. Or it is a SD performance issue?