Everyone, remember to vote in the Cute Little Demake Jam for Pokitto!

There are 11 beautiful entries :smiley: Everyone can vote. 5 days left in voting :scream:


Note that most of the games are already in the gamedisk, in the “2021-08-CuteDemake” folder, so you don’t have to download them individually.


Note that you can vote now, and change your ratings later if you want to adjust them.

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This came in handy :slight_smile: !

I did try as much as possible (not having a lot of time atm though, a little rough here) and gave a short feedback and review


I take some times but: Rated!
All entries are awesome, some more awesome then others :smiley:
It’s hard to give a vote without consider how much effort has been pushed to this games.

Maybe a dedicated rate for “demake” factor could have help, but I suggest everyone to try all the submission as each one has a real catch on a specific gameplay aspect.

The theme choice has been a real win.


You didn’t rate your own?

I have rated them all.

Absolutely. Sorry @jonne, I had to mark you down on cuteness but as there was no de-make factor I couldn’t mark you up there.