Does anyone play Euchre? I am making Pokitto version and are wondering if anyone else might play it. I realise its am older game and probably not that popular but Euchre and 500 are my favourite card games :slight_smile:

It currently has a single and two player mode - where the players can pair up or compete against each other.





500 was my favourite as a kid but Euchre I have not heard of.


I play Euchre quite often.


I think Euchre is popular in Commonwealth countries.

I wanted to make a version of 500 but the AI logic is much harder.

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I have also found that the ‘switch player’ logic around who leads first and who is dealing makes the 2 player version awkward as you are always swapping the device from player to player. Secondly, you do not always get to see what was played if the winner of the trick is the last player and then leads off again.

I found an elegant way to show the results of the last hand in a two player game. All I need now is to get the graphics for the various dialogues up to scratch and its done.

I heard about it, but never played it. But i like card games in general, so i like the idea :+1:

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It is commonly believed to be a German game - which I guess explains the use of the word Bower to describe the jacks. (Bauer - farmer or jack?

Euchre has been played in North America since the early 19th century. It originated in Alsace as “Juckerspiel” and was carried to the New World by German-speaking immigrants. Some of the game’s other terms also come from German.


Ha I just translated this and it comes back as ‘Itching Game’.

Jucker could mean Joker, Bower, yes could be farmer - it isn’t popular in my region here

Just to point it out, ‘bower’ is actually a word for farmer in English. It’s cognate with the German Bauer, which means they’re actually both descendents of a different word, in this case the Proto-Germanic *būraz, and it seems it probably arrived in English via the Dutch bouwer.

That said, the link between Euchre and Jucker seems to trump most other theories, (if you’ll excuse the pun,) simply because there’s no better offer as to how the name ‘Euchre’ came about.

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Nicely done.

The game? Or being a farmer isn’t popular? :slight_smile:

I have also read that the Joker card was invented for this game and was then used in many other games. However the popular version of Euchre that most people play does not use the Joker anymore. Maybe outside of Australia that is different - don’t know.


Lol, the game isn’t popular round here. Might be because we had a lot of influence from france since Napoleon and we normally use french playing cards here