Esp32 wifi/co-processor hat


thats sort of the plan, but reprograming the esp32 (flash) is kinda a pain and a “vm” interpreted lang solves this. loading different games on it would be easier and lua is easier for beginners then c++

@jonne for this to work it kinda needs the better file system idk if theres any update there?


The wavplayer example on the github repo is a fully working example of the SdFileSystem


uhm got a link?



found out this existed, wich is a esp32 but the screen and buttons for that device is very small, but the pokitto has higher resolution, could be tweaked to run on pokitto, gameboy and gameboy color games could be possible
only thing pokitto is missing is a select button wich the hat could provide


Tinkering with this again. Did end up plugging a oled display on the esp to get some visual feedback
Currently going for a primitive interpreter so the pokitto could upload stuff to execute