Error: Expression must have integral or enum type :-(

I’m having a little trouble with this project here -

Error: Expression must have integral or enum type in “main.cpp”, Line: 182, Col: 33

Can someone try to explain to me what on earth is the cause of this? I assume it has something to do with the variable types I am using, but other than that, I’m lost :frowning:

You’re indexing with pattern, which is const char [] in tune.h?

yup, thanks, figured it once I typed the question, I do that a lot. however the site crashed when I attempted to edit it.

There’s been lots of crashing recently. Since the update, I think.
Use discord as plan B.

Really? What kind of crashing?

Crashed for me too. It looked gradual, first I wasn’t able to edit my post, then images stopped loading, then the server stopped responding altogether. I thought it was related to the recent updates.

Yes it is related, unfortunately.