Enable new Pokitto 2020 dark theme


Enabling new Pokitto Forum dark theme

You can now also choose between a dark and a light theme

  • click your avatar in the right up corner
  • click preferences
  • interface - > select theme


This is amazing!! Thank you for doing this :smiley: I love it!


In all honesty I’ve never understood the love and/or desire for having ‘dark themes’ on websites or editors.

Green on black is nice though, if only for the retro vibe…


This looks great! :smiley:


My only concern with the dark theme is that the green and whites are way too bright. They need to be toned down a touch …


I disagree. The high contrast is pleasing and easy for me. :sweat_smile:


My old eyes hurt :laughing:


@filmote and @torbuntu, we need 2 profiles, for mobile and pc


Dark and light? Or more than that?? If you are saying two profiles of dark - one for phone and one for computer - I was talking about the computer version.


Wait a moment: the dark theme is unbearable for me on my phone but just right on pc. Which one mob / pc is causing discomfort for you?


Any better now?


Yes definitely better ! :slight_smile:


I like it on mobile right now.


I find it amusing how the dark theme highlights whose icons have actual transparency and who’s just been using a white background. :P


I like it​:thinking::grin:


Guilty. I need to fix that


I saw the new theme, and thought oh carp, the sites been hacked/bought out.


You thought of fish?


Ok, it’s all gone dark in here😱
Looks great :+1::sunglasses: