Emulator availability


@fmanga Is it possible to create an own page for Pokitto programs, where you can easily try and play each game under emulator?


You want to embed the emulator in your own page?
The easiest way would be to put it in an iframe, telling it to load your game:
<iframe src="https://felipemanga.github.io/ProjectABE/preview/?pokitto=https://yourgame.bin"></iframe>

I don’t recommend doing this right now, since the “/preview/” part of the URL is going to be removed when it’s not a preview anymore.

Or did you mean to ask if it’s possible to add a tab with Pokitto games, like the “Unofficial TeamARG Repository” and others?


I meant the latter one. A place for playing all Pokitto games.


I’d like to, but first the emulator needs some place to pull the games from.
Last I tried, the forum didn’t allow external access to the games attached here (I’m not sure if @jonne’s had a chance to look into that, yet). Also, there isn’t an easy way to query information on games (title, author, thumbnail, etc).

If hosting is an issue, we could simply put the games in a github repo (which is what @eried’s repo does).