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I am new here but I will go straight to my question. It seems that Embed give the -230 errors for programs that used to compile and work. The link for the error says “Syntax error(s) in Assembly”. What should I do to fix this problem?

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Does it give you a file name / line number?

What are you referring to, the uPython IDE?

I think he means mbed.

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I mean Mbed. Sorry about the typo at subject.

Compiler says:

Error: The build system did not finish successfully. Error number -230
Info: Unable to download. Fix the reported errors…

There are no line numbers and same error comes with every program that I try to compile. Even the HelloWorld gives me the same error. All the programs that I have tried to build worked earlier. Is there some sort of bug in the Mbed itself? The PokittoLib that I have used is the newest one.

Give me 1 hour and I will get to test it myself

@atte , its a problem with mbed. Older (known to work) versions of PokittoLib do not compile either

Edit: I have posted a question on mbed forums

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Related to this:

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Sorry @Atte but this seems like a ARMCC compiler issue, which we have no control over. I am trying to pinpoint where the error occurs to see if we can deliver a workaround

I have confirmed with pure mbed-src build that the issue is not in PokittoLib

I also sent email to Mbed support. I hope that they would fix this problem soon. I teach Pokitto at Lasten Tiedekoulu.

Ok Atte. In that case I will install Keil MDK that uses same ARMCC compiler and compile the same source offline. Then I will perhaps (hopefully) see where the error is generated. I will do it today.

Attention @Atte !

mbed has repaired the problem

I just checked, building ok now.

Wonderful! :hugs:

Please try yourself and verify that I am not imagining things :smile:

And Atte, we should talk some time, I don’t think I’ve met you and I am interested in following up how you are getting along with Pokitto.

You may or may not have noticed that we have a fantastic toolset for Python programming now

EDIT: you can get my direct contacts from Marja and you can call me any time you have issues

It is working as it should :wink:

We definitely need to talk sometime. I will check the Python tool set. It is good thing that you have one because the C++ enviroment is advanced level stuff.

I will call you the next time that we have issues :wink: I also try to be active in this message board because I am interrested how the pokitto community developes.

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