Electronics & PCB design crash course

Hey, came across this. So far looks really good bang for the money

I can’t say if this is to your liking but :

a) its by the Andre LeMothe (Black Art book series)
B) its 14.99€ for 153 parts for life - this order I got expiring very soon (5 hours)


Things like reverse engineering an Atari 2600 game cartridge using Cypress PSoC 6 with programmable logic unit, ground plane design for pcbs, audio amp design from scratch, power supply filtering,

106h of lectures, of the good stuff, not the ledblinky stuff


Hey, just to mention there is currently a sale on udemy, including for existing accounts:

(such sales happen on a regular basis, still it might interest people)

Having listened to a few lectures on mr. LaMothe’s course, I can verify that this course is the real deal. It has everything from measuring things with oscilloscopes to the background maths to small tips and tricks on how to build stuff.

If you want a really well explained introduction to practical electronics, you will not find a better one.

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