Electronics for everyone: Pong & potentiometers & Pokitto


Dat shirt. Lovely video. <3

I made shirts like this for the maker faire in Rome

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Are these buy-able by any chance? They look really nice!


@just_a_name Sure!

Can someone recommend an online T-shirt shop where I could put these designs, so that you can order them?

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Only local one so Not really and decent quality on demand printing that is international is hard to find, they usualy are inkjet printed and fade easily

Need these T-shirts out there to help promote and spread the word about Pokitto!

Makerbuino raised $100,745.00 and I think Pokitto could and should do better!

Arduboy did even better: $433,038


I guess Iā€™m not very good at marketing.

you need to talk to more news outlets, recommends some local ones since there usualy more excepting about local hype