Dub Siren

I never knew I needed a dub siren in my life

I could use one … I would scare the foxes away from our house at night!

Actually, @jonne you could have one as a ship siren.

That gave me an idea to try yet another synthesis method: virtual-analogue synthesis. It simulates the electronic circuit of the device on the video composed of resistors, capacitors and two 555 ICs. Interestingly the whole circuit reduces to just a couple of simple equations and some if-else statements.

I also added some kind of reverb effect and a fake echo, which is actually four sirens playing again and again. Real echo effect would require way too much RAM. For any real use you would be better off using an external reverb&echo unit. And of course a hat with potentiometers to control all the parameters.

So here it is, advanced pest & animal repeller and/or intruder siren alarm for Pokitto (also works as dub siren):
BIN file: DubSiren.bin (52.1 KB)
Source code: DubSiren.zip (15.3 KB)