[DRAFT]JavaDashOfTheDead (java of the dead compo)



Java Dash of the Dead: a Java game for the Java of the dead Pokitto game jam

Day 1

Initial design phase. I’m thinking of a dash/runner game.

Torbuntu (hehe yeah I’m going to be a character) wakes up to discover that the world has changed. The dead have come back to life! And they want his brains (well, that is what he thinks). He quickly bursts from bed and runs away from the zombie menace.

Running while tired is a challenge, so Torbuntu must collect coffee drinks to stay awake!

Energy meter that depletes without recharging by collecting randomly placed coffee drinks

Obstacles may become a problem, so Torbuntu must dash through them!

Doors to buildings, Fences doors, Windows ;), etc…

See how far Torbuntu can get before running out of energy or slamming into a solid surface.

Possible upgrade mechanics include: Higher jump, double jump, dash distance, dash power, energy depletion slow down, bigger energy bar.


Lots of changes as always to what I planned.

Itch.io Page
Github Repo

POP file (04/10/2019):
JavaDashOfTheDead.pop (189.8 KB)

The game is still a dashing game.
There are 3 upgrade options:

  • PWR: Power for the dash.
  • JMP: The amount of jumps available.
  • HIT: The amount of times Tor can get hit before ded…

There are platforms to help reach higher areas (for manoeuvring over enemies or reaching high prizes)
There are ghouls that try to grab you as you run. But you can dash through them to plaster them against the dungeon walls.

Finally a gif!


Sounds nice!
I am curious to see how the hero looks :slight_smile: