[DRAFT]Java Compo Entry



My entry started off as a Tamagotchi game, where you take care of a decapitated zombie head.
Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make that concept work, so I’ll be changing it into something else. Still not sure what. Anyway, here’s a gif to remember that idea by:


what a pity - still hoping for a good tamagotchi and pinball game on pokitto… :cry:


It’s probably for the best, that zombie head is nightmare inducing.

Did you rework your code from PodManager to do the 3D?

Also, who made the flowers and the background?
(I particularly like the background.)


While I’d like to see those two games on the Pokitto (especially Pinball), the art aspect is really getting in the way. >_<

Well, Tamagotchi is supposed to wake you up during the night, so the nightmares are a feature since the Pokitto can’t turn itself on and buzz at you because your pet is hungry. :stuck_out_tongue:

I ported the Vector4 and Matrix classes to Java. The rest (ie, triangle rasterization) is from scratch.

I drew the flower in aseprite. The background is from the Superpowers Asset Pack.


Pinball doesn’t really need decent art.

Heck, you could get away with the whole table being wireframe vector graphics if there’s enough processing power for that.

Just like a real pet. :P

See also: Nightmare Fuel. :P

Does the CPU not have a sleep and wake function?
Some AVR chips do so I would have thought an ARM Cortex would have.

If it does then porting that Arduino dinosaur tamagotchi game (whose name I forget and don’t have time to look up at the moment) would be a good first step.

I hope you publish the code for this at some point.
Someone was asking me recently about doing 3D rendering on the Pokitto and I think it may be of use to them.

As far as programmer art goes it’s pretty decent.

This one?



That’s the one. Though the ‘ArduboyCollection’ fork is actually no different to its parent repo:


It does. As far as I know, we’ve never used it. It’s a possibility, it just needs some looking into. It might be odd leaving your Pokitto on all the time.

Yup. Just had to resize+crop it and let the IDE do the conversion to the game’s palette.


The final entry will be opensource.
Eventually I’d like to refactor it so that 3D can be part of FemtoLib.


That was me :slight_smile:


Did some more work on my entry this weekend:


On the one hand I’m suddenly glad I’m not competing.
On the other hand, I see a distinct lack of undead things. :P


Can’t wait to see some game play, new palette is great. And that never ending sunset is so evocative.
Probably ship will benefit of some more triangles in the wings to avoid disappearing. And maybe different color too (black? White?) to make it more visible.



StarFox pokitto edition.


Will have to shoot zombie heads before they eat your ship? :laughing:


Started working on a system for putting stuff in the scene, like trees and boats.


Spent some time learning Blender, modelled a new plane, manually reduced the polygon count in all the meshes and optimized the rendering code. Runs at just below 40fps.
Also, you can shoot now.


Pew pew pew pew :grin:


Starbat ???