[DRAFT] Java Compo Entry - Zombie Jumpig

Thanks a lot. I’ve uploaded the file to itch.io and I’ve credited you in the game details :slight_smile:



The animated title screen looks nice, like the graphics overall. The hero and the enemies in the game are just of the right size for the Pokitto screen. The controls are good and responsive. You do not need the D-pad at all in the game, just the A and B buttons. The gameplay is interesting and easy to learn. However, I found it a bit frustrating, that if the pig goes below the bats you cannot easily climb back without losing a lot of energy. The best strategy for me was staying as high as possible. I like that the collision rectangle in the attack is “forgiving” :slight_smile:
Sounds are the best so far in the games I have reviewed in the jam. Audio pleases the ears and there are even some melodies!

Special in this game: The hero, “Zombie Jumpig” :rofl: . I really would like to know the history of it!


  • At least a tiny in-game help about the controls (and the history of the hero, please :grin:) would be nice, and would prevent people needlessly to try to use the d-pad.

Almost a perfect little game!


Thanks for the review. Not so mini in fact…

I agree the game may seem simple, but requires some strategy from the player. About the history of the pig… I think it would be complicated to explain how a pig addicted to coffee ends up jumping between two buildings killing zombies and vampires :joy:

Maybe I’ll update the game at the end of the jam with a little tutorial or some little info about the controls at least. That’s a good idea.

Thanks again!


Perfectly described, Hanski!

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Meanwhile there’s a certain Italian plumber who likes riding dinosaurs and eating mushrooms,
and his mortal enemy is a spiny fire-breathing tortoise with horns and fangs.

Sometimes you just don’t need logic. :P

(That said, I presumed @Hanski meant the out-of-universe history - i.e. how did the idea come into existance.)


The idea is really easy to explain. In the beginning I was trying to create something similar to Ninja Savior, and the first title that came into my mind was Zombie Jumping. When I tried to explain the game to a friend, I mispelled the title and Zombie JumPIG was born. I thought the idea of having a little pig jumping was fun :slight_smile:


I thought I uploaded the source code, but I’ve seen I didn’t done it.

I published the project on GitHub if you want to see my dirty code or enhance the game to your liking :sunglasses:


I’d be so happy to read though it! Be right back :smile:

Back! This is great code I don’t know what you’re talking about. Very readable! Thank you for sharing :smiley: this actually has a lot of great things in it that I will need to do in my code for cleaner more readable code.

Thanks! I guess I’m never happy with my own code :sweat_smile:

Are you planning to give it a licence at all?

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I always forget that… I’ve added a MIT License, my favourite one. Thanks for the reminder!