[DRAFT] Espresso Shoot

Espresso Shoot!

Blast zombie hands and take their coffee! Without coffee nobody can stand against a horde of zombie for all the night! Low coffee level means Game Over!

Mix different gameplay:

Reload your weapon Various special modes Beware low on coffee

@HomineLudens & @Vampirics


This looks awesome!!


Thanks, this is actually a plan B for the compo, maybe even plan C, as plan A was Canabalto and B Gory Road just lost on inspiration.
In any case it allowed us to explore another type of gameplay and grow a simple idea with some original twist.


This reminds me of the ‘house of the dead’ lightgun arcade games that used to be found in cinemas and laser quest facilities where I live.

Laser quest either closed down or moved,
and I doubt they have those in the cinemas anymore.


It’s really fun!

I see you have recycled the perspective of Gory Road in a really clever way. Congrats!



The game has good and original graphics and animations (as usual by @Vampirics :slight_smile: ) By a quick look the game resembles a familiar “Hit-a-mole” game. There is however much more: a shotgun loading minigame, expresso-drinking to keep yourself going, a frenzy mode, and more! The game also uses the audio well. The difficulty level is a spot-on for me: not too hard, but gives enough challenge.

There are instructions and even a backstory in the Itch page.

Special in this game: the pause mode graphics come to your nightmares…


  • I am in two minds about the “blank-period”. It is a bit disturbing (I first thought it is a bug :wink: ), but on the other hand it adds sufficiently difficulty to the game when Expresso is running out. Maybe the screen should not be just blank, but in a “night mode” instead (?)
  • In-game instructions

This is the most hooking game so far !


Thanks for the mini review! The ‘blank periods’ were first meant to emulate the eyes closing because the player falls asleep, but ended up looking less like closing eyes and more like just black screen.