[DRAFT][CANCELLED] Ze Launch (Java Comp)

So here is today rush result - 10 hours over scratching my head into how to make a quick and fun game in Java using FemtoIDE.

I called it Ze Launch because I’m french, you know

So you’ve got yourself a huge stock of limbs and other pieces, from the zombies you’ve just butchered. That’d have been okay, you’re too lazy for cleaning this anyway. However, your date is going to visit you soon! You won’t have the time to properly compost all of those. Fortunately you’ve got a pretty awesome cannon to help you in this tremendous task :smirk:.

At its core, it’s very similar to those Cannon/Fly/YetiSports flash game we used to play a few years ago. You upgrade your launcher and projectile with money or stuff, you aim, you launch and eventually you get some sort of midair control. However, that’s a bit too simple to my taste, so I’ve got some more chaotic features for later!

Of course at this point the game play is very limited - a very basic


Also, thanks for implementing float as fixed! I was on my way of doing so, so it was a pretty good surprise when I’ve discovered this (well with an error showing me the generated file actually)


Corbleu! I did not.

This is stranger than the idea that I might be storing severed zombie limbs to shoot from a cannon. :P

Struggling to get used to your new icon.
Wasn’t the last one orange? Possibly a cat wearing a pumpkin?


Well I needed a backstory and I just took some elements of my current life :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh right, I changed it here a few hours, but I was supposed to do so a few months ago haha. It was some sort of a creepy catboy wearing an apple as a helmet


And now it’s a purple squirrel.