[DRAFT] Brew of the Undead (Java compo entry)



A new language, a new IDE, you just have to start from something…



Looks good. 100% theme compliance. :+1:


I have planned quite an interesting mechanics for it.


Is it “Pikmin: Zombie edition”? :P


Pikmin is a funny game!
But I am thinking about something else.




The tension is growing!


Indeed :wink: The mechanics will be simple, yet effective. Not much used in games.




A little (gfx) progress today. I am still not sure i want to use ZX Spectrum palette for the game(?).


Roll with it for now, tweak it later.
You’re better off spending time on features in the early days and worrying about polish towards the end.

Ugly games can still be fun, beautiful games can still be boring.

(I could give a long list of examples, but probably best to not start a debate. :P)


True, but I am visually oriented enough so that I get more motivation when I see nice graphics :slight_smile:


In that case, yes, try a different palette.

ZX is good for nostalgia, but it’s rarely ‘pretty’.


Yes, there are more aesthetic alternatives, such as CGA


You can push them away! :slight_smile:


Neat idea!


Really cool game mechanism


Ah that wasn’t a target for nuking the zombies haha what a promising gameplay!


Now with Pico-8 palette. Is this any better?

Choosing a palette and colors is really difficult!


I’d say choose a palette and make the best out of it, I am used to use the pico8 palette for what we work on the Pokitto but really any could do.

I’d help with the graphics if you need help.
Using that palette, making the zombies green might make it easier for people to actually know they are zombies. But all graphics could be tweaked when you are done with the mechanics really.