[DRAFT] Awaken (working title : java compo)



Awaken! (working title)

A game of strategy, defence, battle and farming!

Fight off daily waves of zombies in this combination strategy battle combat game.
While fighting off the zombies, grow crops to gain precious materials such as Coffee beans, fruits or flowers. Use the harvested materials to craft Tea, Coffee and juices to replenish your health, speed up the passing of time, and increase your survival meter!

working back story:

It is a distant future where the Coffea plant has mutated. The caffeine it contains has evolved to become extremely addictive! Folks that have been exposed to this strain of Coffea are so dependant that if they go even a day without ingesting the drug, they will immediately die. The bodies of these victims become reanimated by the mutated strain of caffeine, and the reanimated corpses roam the planet in search of mother-plants.
A small farmer has been able to survive by growing their own crops. However, this makes the farm a prime target for the ever-growing wave of reanimated zombies! Now the farmer must fight off the undead menace! Starting out with nothing but a Shovel, the farmer must formulate a productive farm, all while protecting the crops!

Main goals:

Each day a growing wave of zombies will attack your little farmstead.
You’ll need to grow crops to maintain a full survival meter, as well as crafting health items.
Each day ends with a Shop menu to purchase items to aid you on your quest.



A very early access bin:

AwakenJavaofthedeadjam.bin (135.3 KB)

Source Code


Half coffee half tea? (Or maybe just 1/3 tea?)


:wink: coffea


Oh, it’s a genus.

If you’re going to use the genus then you could just come up with a name for the actual species.
E.g. Coffea Torbuntii, Coffea Hyperblandus, Coffea Glycofolium, Coffea Ambigua


Yeah, I’ll need to make a fancy one of the mutated zombie strain ;D


If it’s a virus, the taxonomic suffix for viruses is ‘-virus’ (e.g. the genuses marburgvirus, ebolavirus, dianlovirus) and then the specific species name is formed by putting that name after another name (e.g. marburg marburgvirus, reston ebolavirus, sudan ebolavirus).
So a full name could be something like ‘Java Mortuvirus’.

And then your game’s lore can be ridiculously scientific. :P


@torbuntu Love the name


I always love good lore, and scientific-ish terms add a disturbing sense of realism :smiley: thanks for the tips! I’ll update when I get a chance this evening.


Thanks! If I can fit it into the back story lore better I might even keep it / modify it a little.