Hey are you guys on Discord yet? Just curious or slack by chance?


IMHO looks like we really should set up a Discord channel. I get and answer lot of PM’s during the day


Discord is nice, I keep up with some of the old CHiP people there, one is even working in a replacement board to resurrect our old pocket CHiPs


Interesting :slight_smile: My Pocket Chip still runs ok tho.

I heard that the repository was down now at last though :frowning:

I flashed all of my chips before the stuff went down and then took the batteries out of my pocket chips and put them on the shelf hopefully groguard will get his working

There’s an archive of all the various weblinks on git somewhere I think…also links to current flash methods etc.

Mine doesn’t get a lot of use though :frowning:

I used mine for retro gaming and writing in the go, but due to the nand it became unreliable, I am hoping for a better option soon from the nexus board.

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I am not on discord. I don’t have whatsapp. I like physical copies of my games and still buy atari 2600 games. Yep, I am a legal dinosaur.


I can beat that.:P

I’m not on Discord, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,
and frankly I’m still not even sure what Whatapp is. :P

My phone is at least 10 years old, it barely runs Java and the photos it takes have the resolution of a stamp,
and I have no regrets. :P

I second this.
It might take up a lot of room, but at least I know that I won’t lose my games if my console breaks.

This is one of the reasons I like the Pokitto’s SD card capability so much,
and why I think we should be working towards utilising it more.

I’ll admit, I envy this. My oldest console is a GBA.


This all reminds me how I miss buying a game and manipulating an actual cartridge or CD and read a nice game manual holding it in my hand… That’s almost like a gamer ritual… I loved that.

I got the same kind of feeling now with board games… ( No… Not boardgames like Monopoly… )


Yeah. I still have all my old GBA boxes and manuals.
Maybe one day I’ll open a micro museum. :P

If I ever get round to actually making some games instead of getting sidetracked with other projects,
I’ll make sure to make a manual that people can print out.

(Today I started trying to understand the ‘portable executable’ format that underpins .exe and .dll files. What a rabbit hole.)

The modern equivalents of D&D?


Board games are now more than what they used to be. Here’s a small part of my collection.

Many boardgames now are more involved. Some of them, like CharterStone actually make you evolve the gameboard permanently as you play. And at the end of the campaign you end up with a unique game that no one has the exact same game board.

Some others like Mystic Vale let you create your own cards using plastic overlays to that you slide into card sleeves …

I pretty much swapped my videogame addiction to boardgame addiction.


I’ve never even played D&D.
The last board game I played was probably Cluedo or Monopoly.

(I don’t exactly have many people to play board games with.)

Reminds me of Kim-Joy from this year’s Great British Bake-Off:

First video games imitate board games.
Then, board games imitate video games.

I can’t remember what it was called, but when I was at college, some of the students were playing with a card set where some cards were blank so you could create your own.

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There’s some great 1 player boardgames as well.

Here’s a link about mystic Vale

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Oh of course i also have a lot of board games, card games, and games for a lot of old consoles😉

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I didn’t spot any of my all-time favourites:

  • Alhambra (the most played, most enjoyed board game among our friends ever)
  • Coop (short, quick, brutal… extremely satisfying)
  • Guillotine

I do have 2 out of 3 you mentioned, that picture is showing about 1/3 of what I have.

Thanks for reminding me that I need to find mine! Not got as many as you tho :+1::wink:

You got the 2600 with the wood design ? :smiley:

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We should try the Discord thing.

Back to boardgame talk. War is the only board game you need. It lasts as long as you still have friends.

Now I make single-player videogames.