Development toolchain on OS X

I’d have to take a look at mbed, but saw as alternative option that you provide support using the EmBitz toolchain, whilst that looks something that is right for me as a programmer, it seems to be Windows only? At home I’m mainly developing on OS X. Any plans for this?


Any ARMGCC toolchain can actually be used. But I am not familiar on the options for that on OS X.

I’m new to ARM dev any way, so I don’t have any comments on that.
Guess I’ll figure something out, I have access to Windows/Linux/other BSD machines as well, so it doesn’t pose a problem for me. Once I have a working Hello World I’ll take a looksie.

Same concern here: hoping that we can use Homebrew or somesuch, otherwise I will grab a linux/window machine from storage.

You guys are aware that Pokitto comes with mbed and you can go a long way with the online mbed IDE that is free and requires nothing more than a browser?

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Yeah, I started my topic with that :-). I’ll take a look but I’d like something offline, for on the road and stuff like that.

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