#define PROJ_BUTTONS_POLLING_ONLY and other mysteries

I have just been alerted that there is a #define PROJ_BUTTONS_POLLING_ONLY buried in the Pokitto library (https://github.com/pokitto/PokittoLib/blob/master/Pokitto/POKITTO_HW/HWButtons.cpp) which may fix one of the issues I am having in a game I am writing.

If I search the doxygen docs or even this forum, I find no real mention of it.

Without reading the entire Pokitto library source code, I wonder what other gems are in there?

The documentation of the core library is lacking and is probably detering new developers from learning the environment.


That is not very widely used define. Please tell if it fixes your problem. I could be added here: [Draft] Pokitto Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Edit: Added now.

According to @Vampirics it worked in our game. I would be keen to see the documentation be updated within Doxygen rather than in a separate document.

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@Vampirics Could you tell what kind of problem the define solved?

I completely agree.
I think we need to set aside some time to revise and improve the documentation.
For example, Pokitto::Sound's documentation is practically nonexistant.



  1. You’re right in your criticism

  2. Buttons polling should be default, I will make it so

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Any suggestions how to improve the documentation situation? Making good descriptions and short examples for the whole API requires a lot of work. Who are willing to do it? I myself can participate (to document a some of the methods or other area) if I am not the only one :wink:

As a newbie on the site, I am trying not to rock the boat too much!

Will that affect other’s code?

I would love to assist but currently I am still learning the API … there must be a dozen regular contributors on here who can help.

Short examples are key to making the library accessible.

That is exactly why you see the problems which are neglected by more experienced Pokitto coders. Very valuable information!

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No worries. Welcome to the outback, mate. You will soon find, that while our establishment isn’t very fancy, everybody is pretty friendly around here.



Just the good old direction stuck issue. Usually happens when pressing more than 1 button at once.

This is something that has been talked about before.


In this thread I think:

(I’m not completely sure if it’s the same problem but it sounds like what I remember from that thread.)

In fairness I (for one) have never forgotten that the documentation problem exists,
but admittedly I haven’t made as much of an effort as I should have done to fix it for various reasons.

In fact I brought up #define PROJ_BUTTONS_POLLING_ONLY not being documented once before: