Dear Community. We need a couple of moderators. (Update: thank you!)

Dear all

Pokitto community is growing fast. We need a couple of people (at least) with staff permissions to ensure things go smoothly.

Last night @josh joined in and his comment was flagged by Discourse. I suspect it was some complicated profiling Discourse uses to keep out bots (speed of reply, length of reply etc)

So his comment was stuck in pending.

I don’t want that to happen alot to the users here. And I can’t be awake 24/7 to clear those flags :grin:

Anyone interested in being moderator / staff on the Please raise your hand.


i been checking out this place constantly,
so if i can help in any way i be happy to

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@adekto agreed. I see the logs :grinning: Thanks, I will pop over to the admin panel to make you staff.

I was wondering what happened. I was finally able to introduce myself. My availability will go in spurts depending on class load and my boys soccer schedule, but I’m happy to help off and on. But I realize I’m still new so if you need to wait just give me a shout when I reach the appropriate trust level if you still need help at that time.

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You have kids. Perfect moderator material in my books :grinning: Noted, I need to learn a little bit of how the Discourse Admin/Moderator profiles differ, and will get back to this.

@adekto @Olli @josh Welcome to the crew. We are now a bit better prepared for when the human-powered spammers arrive. Thanks for your help!

:wave: don’t know if there is still some spare room out there?

Sure there is. But ideally we need mods from different timezones. Now we have 4 in europe. What timezone are you in?

Too bad i am from the Netherlands, GMT+1.

Hi Jonne,

I’m based in China until May 28th.
If you’re interested I volunteer now, and you can always remove my moderator rights in June, once I’m back to France (if that’s too much European moderators).


Happy to help out from Australia if need be? :koala:

And a very warm applause to our new members of staff @just_a_name and @uXe !!!

Just_a_name has also been appointed director of communications, responsible for explaining the proper pronunciation of “Scheveningen” to the rest of the community.

uXe will take care that proper Aussie Football rules are followed, since forum posting is a contact sport!

With that we have enough moderators for the time being Thank you for your proactive attitude!

@Nicolas: take care of your business in peace in China and we will get back to this later if needed.

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Canada here, if you find you still need a hand :slight_smile:

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Oh my business is very quiet :innocent: I’m in China for holidays, with wife and son, at my parents-in-law, so I have all the time in the world really :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But no problem if you’re staffed, I won’t hold a grudge :wink:


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Should have 100% moderators? Discuss. :joy:

@mougino @pixelplatforms I appreciate it guys. I will call on you next when we need more hands on deck.

we can raise there level, they wont have to deal with the flags and stuff but more general edits,
but then again we are over staffed for most events atm

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Lets not make a big deal out of this. I have always been a fan of low bureaucracy. We need more mods, we will add them. This is not a way of “giving golden stars” either. I am just not familiar with Discourse.

I can tell you guys it took me 2.5 days of working till 4 am to get this forum working and I am wary of modding everybody before I get used to how this thing operates.

On to other topics. A very interesting video coming up for backers!


@jonne I am in Kentucky so GMT - 5

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